(c) Max de Esteban
The Spanish photographer, Max de Esteban photographs technical equipment such as cameras, video recorders and audio recording systems from the previous century in an unreal, transparent way with a ghostly white inner life. What it means for art and society when these apparatus are put in a museum and instead of being put to use is just one theme of his complex photo series, Proposition One.

Where: —> UNO ART SPACE – Ute Noll, Liststrasse 27

What: —> Exhibition: Proposition One

Artist:  —> Max de Esteban, Barcelona
Opening: —> Thursday 11. July from 7 to 10 p.m. 

Duration: —> until 28. September 2013

Directions—>  Bus 43, Bus Stop Lehenstrasse or Markuskirche; U 14 and U 1 Marienplatz; Parking: Südtor, Kolbstr. 10, 5 Minuten by foot

Opening Hours: —> Tu 5-7 p.m. Uhr and by appointment: E-Mail: uno@on-photography.com. phone: 0711-66 48 72 85