Where: —> UNO ART SPACE – Ute Noll, Liststrasse 27

Screening: —> light of light

Artist:  —> Daniel T. Braun, Karlsruhe

When: —> Sa 30.  November 7 p.m.

Directions:—>  Bus 43, Bus Stop Lehenstrasse or Markuskirche; U 14 and U 1 Marienplatz; Parking: Südtor, Kolbstr. 10, 5 Minuten walking

Opening Hours: —> Tu 5-7 p.m. and by appointment

I use the media of photography in different and experimental ways. Not as an end in itself but to explore the phenomenology of the media for my idea of an image. Sometimes a picture is the result of a performative act, and sometimes I operate in a pictorial, staged or sculptor way- back and in front of the camera. There I work mainly analog with a 5×7 inch large-format camera and medium format. Sometimes a photo becomes an object- like in the Rocketogrames seria. Here I exposed in an action painting manner photographic color paper direktly in contact to exploding rockets and developed it. I am interessted in how i can create photographic sculptures or installations which are otherwise not possible. Build in miniatur an ephemer model can be blown up to a big object. Put into the right light and a certain point of view the constraints between the disciplines painting, sculpture, installation, action and photography are floating. My ambition is to create something new, not to reproduce. I think there is a thrill of the charme of the analogue working-process of analogue photography- especially if there is a degree of reference although it seems to have been digitally manipulated. The ephemeral of feelings, an attitude, aspiration or any state are interessting vehicles to create photograhs- photographs are ephemeral in itself.


The pictures of Daniel T. Braun procure the force of powerful energy, colors and forms seem to explode. The eruptions show naturaly surges and bomb detornations, but they are created with comparatively harmles materials in a model. Whether a sputtering froth or bursting material, Braun plucks it into cotton and paper. The apparently picture of the snapshot of a explosive movement is a tenderly object of permanent durable standstill. Sometimes the artist also lets explode real firweork on his photo paper. Aesthetic accident and artistic calculushold then a fragile balance