Diane Kruger (c) Oliver Mark

Oliver Mark portrays personalities of public life. The Berliner photographer gets surprisingly close to actors, such as Dustin Hoffman or politicians like Madeleine Albright, yet still maintains a respectful distance. That is exactly what his quadratic black and white polaroids reflect. They develop their appeal beyond a clear usability, are relentlessly direct, timeless, far removed and charming.

Where: —> UNO ART SPACE – Ute Noll, Liststrasse 27

Exhibition: —> Außenseiter und Eingeweihter

Artist:  —> Oliver Mark, Berlin

Opening: —> Sa 26. October 7 to 10 p.m.

Directions:—>  Bus 43, Bus Stop Lehenstrasse or Markuskirche; U 14 and U 1 Marienplatz; Parking: Südtor, Kolbstr. 10, 5 Minuten walking

Opening Hours: —> Tu 5-7 p.m. and by appointment: E-Mail: hello@on-photography.com