(c) Volker Schrank

Where: —> UNO ART SPACE – Ute Noll, Liststrasse 27

Exhibition: —> Stammtische

The Stammtisch, the table reserved in the pub for the regulars, is associated with men, beer and saying what you mean. Volker Schrank avoids the social atmosphere andinstead photographs the places, without people as if they were a stage set. Imagining the traditional drinking rituals and heated discussions is left up to the viewer by the Stuttgart photographer. The interiors speak for themselves!

The exhibition is a cooperation with bildkultur, Stuttgart.

Artist:  —> Volker Schrank, Stuttgart

Opening: —> Fr 28. February  7 to 10 p.m.

Cloasing: —> 31. May

Directions:—>  Bus 43, Bus Stop Lehenstrasse or Markuskirche; U 14 and U 1 Marienplatz; Parking: Südtor, Kolbstr. 10, 5 Minuten walking

Opening Hours: —> Tu 5-7 p.m. and by appointment: