The history of the still life is still
being written, but chronologies can be deceptive. We
must imagine the substance of this genre as a kind of
tube mail that is sent back and forth over a period of
centuries for the purpose of ideation and revision.«
(Ulf Erdmann Ziegler)

Ingar Krauss (*1965, East Berlin) constructs stage-like
boxes for his still lifes and arranges plants and animals
under natural light in them. The analogue, black-andwhite
photographs are reworked by hand with oil paint.

11th May  with introduction by Markus Hartmann

Coopertation: Hartmann Projects und Books

Book: Ingar Krauss, 39 Bilder, erscheinen bei Hartmann Books, Stuttgart. Mit einem Essay von Ulf Erdmann Ziegler. German/English.

Finissage: Sa. 17. June